Weekends Are For Kids

A very cool thing has happened this week. Joshua has graduated from reading a short, overpriced, kid’s book every night before bed to something bigger. We started reading The Chronicles of Narnia together, and he’s way into it.

Now there is some discussion in Narnia circles about the correct way to read these books. Do you read them in the order in which Lewis wrote them, or do you read them chronologically, the way the events happen in the books? We have decided to go with the chronological approach (sorry Davy), mainly because I don’t think my 4-year-old is ready to grasp the idea of prequels yet.

So we’ve had adventures with Digory, Polly, and Uncle Andrew in The Magician’s Nephew, a few pages at a time. And he’s digging it. And I’m digging it. Last night, Joshua said, “I hope Polly didn’t get eaten by wild animals when she disappeared.” I could only think, The disappearing is just the beginning.

Man, I love these books.

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  • Courtney says:

    My dad also read the chronicles to me as a child – great memories!

  • Rebecca Swift says:

    sounds like a wonderful thing to do together. i used to always look in the back of closets hoping there was a secret passage way…

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