Weekends Are For Kids

Star Wars is big at our house right now. I don’t mind. I mean, I don’t speak Ewok and I don’t have a working model of Los Eisley Space Port (have I said too much?), but I like Star Wars more than the average dude.

We’re trying to teach Andi and Luke Skywalker and Princess Leah don’t kiss on the lips. We need a Han Solo figure bad.

Joshua, meanwhile, has taken to acting out, and assigning dialogue, various parts of Return of the Jedi. His favorite right now is a conglomeration of the battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vador, when eventually Darth Vador becomes a good guy. Here’s a sample:

Joshua – “I’ll be Luke Skywalker and you be Darth Vader.”

Me – “Okay.”

(Insert Darth Vader breathing here.)

Joshua – “Now let’s make our life savers clash together.”

Me – “Okay.”

(Insert profuse battle sounds here.)

Joshua – “Now I’ll be Darth Vader’s boss (AKA “The Emperor”).

Joshua (in sinister voice) – “Good! Good!”

Joshua – “Okay. That’s good. Now you lay down and be white and yucky.”

Me – “Excuse me?”

Took me a while to realize what we were doing:


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  • Pamela Ford says:

    Oh my…. you really did have me laughing out loud on this one! I will have to show Jaxen when he is done “forcing” his dad to play the wii with him!!! Jaxen actually used ALL of his Christmas money that he had left after Christmas to purchase (on his own) all six Star Wars movies…. We had a hard time explaining to him why he needed to start watching with Star Wars IV and not I…. The Trilogy came AFTER the others but it is so confusing to the kids!!! He watched the FIRST episode (IV) today… (with Harrison Ford) and loved it! It will be so neat when he really understands the ENTIRE story! I am by far not a Trek-ie…. but I do remember watching them with my dad when I was a kid…

    Jaxen is so fun at his very smart age of 8 and 2/3…

  • Jakob and Joshua would have fun being wild and crazy with Star Wars together! That is all Jakob likes to play lately! Fun, fun…

  • Amy Wright says:

    I have never seen the movie, so I was a bit confused for a minute. Isaac sat and watched the video with me, so I’m sure he thinks that Darth Vader (sp?) really plays the harmonica. He’ll tell his friends at church tomorrow.
    Our boys love Star Wars and have no clue what it is. I also love how they say “life saver.”

  • Michael K. says:

    Yeah, sorry about that – it’s the best I could do. I’ll spend more time looking for a more accurate clip on you tube.

  • kinsley says:

    Come on, Michael. It’s the MOS Eisley Spaceport.


  • Michael K. says:

    Nerd. How do you say it in Klingon, Kinsley?

  • Amy Wright says:

    Oh, sorry. I was joking. Well, kind of. All but the part where I said I was confused and have never seen the movie and Isaac thinks Darth V. plays the harmonica.
    He didn’t tell his friends at church the next day, so we’re all good.

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