One Word

I’m scheduled to publish something else with Threads next year that I’m in the beginning stages of working on, and I wondered if I could get some help. Here’s the working title: 

One Word: Rescuing the Vocabulary of Faith From the Christian Subculture

The idea behind the study is that so many words – great words; powerful words; “God” words – have been so overused that we’ve forgotten what they mean. So this study will be a devotional guide that’s 21 days long. Each day will take one of these words and talk about what it originally meant and how we can recover that meaning now.

Here’s one example: “saved.” There’s a word that’s been run into the ground. But saved from what? Saved to what? And why do we need to be saved anyway? And by whom? And while we’re at it, did Jesus mean the same thing we mean when He said it? I think there’s alot of value in revisiting those questions and those words.

So here’s where you come in. I’d love to know your thoughts. I’d appreciate some suggestions of “one word.” One quality, but overused word, that we need to rescue.

Will you help me?

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