18 Things You Won’t Regret Doing with Your Kids

This is a great post from Tim Challies. Click over to read his elaboration on each:

1. Praying with them for them.

2. Reading books to them.

3. Kissing them goodnight.

4. Taking them to church.

5. Taking them out for breakfast.

6. Letting my friends be their friends.

7. Doing family devotions.

8. Disciplining them.

9. Doing special things.

10. Asking for forgiveness.

11. Forgiving them.

12. Loving their mother.

13. Identifying God’s grace.

14. Expressing affection.

15. Planning little surprises.

16. Giving them my full attention.

17. Pointing to the gospel.

18. Telling them “I love you”.

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