A Personal Life Update

Friends, thank you for being regular readers of the blog. Most of the content you find here on a daily basis is devotional in nature; hopefully those posts have been helpful to you as you continue to walk with Jesus. They have certainly been helpful to me in writing them.

I am departing from that usual pattern today to share a more personal update about me and our family.

For the last 15 years, I have served professionally in various roles with Lifeway Christian Resources. It was a family crisis that first brought me to Lifeway. Our oldest son, now 17, was 2 years old, and had ben diagnosed with leukemia. At that time, we had our health insurance benefits through my wife’s work as an elementary school teacher. I was traveling and speaking at different churches and conferences and was also doing contract work as a writer.

After Joshua’s diagnosis, we quickly knew that she would need to stay home with our son during his cancer treatments, and consequently I would need to find a job that provided for our increasing health insurance needs. This is how I came to work at Lifeway; it was, in our minds, a near miraculous provision from the Lord for our family.

And that was 15 years ago. Throughout that time, I have served as an editor, then a lead Bible study editor, then as the Director of Discipleship, then the Director of Adult Ministry, and most recently as the Sr. Vice President of Church Ministries. In all these roles, I have felt very honored to work alongside some wonderful and humble servants of the Lord. I have also felt grateful to be able to serve the broader church in what I continue to pray are some really significant ways.

But as of the end of July, my time at Lifeway has come to an end.

So what’s next? We are actively praying and seeking the will of the Lord in answer to that question. He has always been faithful, and He will be faithful again. I have believed, and continue to believe, that the Lord is primarily concerned in who we are becoming over where we are going; that He is more interested in our hearts than our destinations. If that is true, and I believe it is, then this time in between will no doubt be a formative time for our family. We are doing our best to be open-hearted about that; to learn and grow in the ways God intends, all the while trusting He will help us clearly see the next position for service.

Thank you, friends, for reading this particular post. Regular content will resume tomorrow.

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  • Linda Bond says:

    I know God has a better plan for you than being at LifeWay. I’ve always prayed you would stay true to yourself no matter what. I am thankful that you have.
    Praying for clear direction my friend.

  • C says:

    I’m hearing a hint of possible deconstructing and reconstructing. Don’t be afraid to do so. There are lots of us out here—and I’ve never felt more in line with where Jesus wants me to be.

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