Wednesday Links

Here are a few links to some things you might have missed, or at least ones that caught my attention this past week:

1. Your Deepest Darkest Secrets

This is a sobering article. A woman asked Tinder to disclose to her all the data they had about her, and they sent back 800 pages. Be aware of what you click.

2. At Some Point, Share the Gospel

We should repeat this message to ourselves. Yes, be kind, generous, and serve. But at some point you’ve got to share the gospel.

3. Don’t Be Weirder Than You Have to Be

People will probably think you’re weird when you share Christ with them. But don’t be more weird than you have to be.

4. God is With You in Your Panic Attack

There are many among us who struggle silently with anxiety. Perhaps this article, with its practical suggestions, will be helpful to you.

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