Wednesday Links

1. Wise Technological Parenting

In case you’re still wondering if you, as a parent, need to exercise caution related to your kids and technology, here is a great summary so you can wonder no more.

2. Stay at Home Moms Don’t “Waste” Their Education

As the author says, this premise misunderstands both the nature and purpose of education and the needs of society.

3. The Secret to Job Satisfaction

The article offers three insights into how we can glorify God in the work we have, whether it’s our dream job or one that we dread going to.

4. The Surprising Power of Little Things

Little things aren’t really little, and therefore we should renew our dependence on the sovereignty of God and be more mindful of the effect we can have on others.

5. The Ending of Rogue One and the Beginning of A New Hope

This is awesome. Some genius seamlessly cut the close of Star Wars Rogue One to the beginning of A New Hope, and I’m a child again.

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