Wednesday Links

Here are a few links to some things you might have missed, or at least ones that caught my attention this past week:

1. Dad Enough to Sing

Singing is more than a practice; it’s a command. And despite what we might look around and see in many congregations, it’s a command for men to obey as well. Love this article which makes me also want to be a dad who sings, and sings often.

2. 10 Ways to Practice Normal Evangelism

This is a gloriously simple article. It’s convicting both in its content and its simplicity.

3. Train Up a Child in the Way He Should Go

This is certainly a well known verse, one that parents cling to in many cases. This is a helpful, and clarifying, exposition of this verse, helping us to see what it does and doesn’t mean.

4. Whatever is False, Whatever is Dishonorable, Whatever is Unjust…

This is an article about holiness, framed through three versions of what Philippians 4:8 “might” say.

5. Watch a Book Being Made the Old Fashioned Way

This is a very satisfying video to watch. Long live the book.

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