Wednesday Links

Here are a few links to some things you might have missed, or at least ones that caught my attention this past week:

1. Daily Slogging in the Power of the Spirit

I love this look at real-life pastoral ministry from Ray Ortland. Let us not worship at the idol of the spectacular.

2. The PR Agenda of the 1936 Republican National Convention

It’s encouraging to me during this season to see there is nothing new under the sun. Not really.

3. Your Work Never Goes Unseen

I know it feels like it does. But God sees.

4. The Exhausting Task of Finding Yourself and Your Best Life Now

We are exhausted from the most ironic of pursuits – that of our own happiness.

5. The Olympian and the $5K Pokemon Go Tab

Speaking of useless pursuits, someone might should have told this gymnast that Pokemon aren’t around Brazil yet.

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