Wednesday Links

Here are a few links to some things you might have missed, or at least ones that caught my attention this past week:

1. How to Pray When Your Soul is Bone Dry

I’ve been there. Quite often. And I found this to be a helpful and encouraging article.

2. Stop Trying to Make the Bible Relevant to Teenagers

As someone who occasionally speaks to groups of teenagers, I agree with this article. Less entertainment, more core and substance.

3. 10 Ways to Create More Margin

We are all, I think, afflicted with busyness. Helpful article here – practical too.

4. Let Us Repent of Our Nonchalance

I’ve said before, and now again, I love Jared Wilson’s writing. He always seems to stoke the fires of affection for God within me.

5. Why Big Mean Miss Free Throws

And then for a lighter note, here’s the answer to the age old question about why the tallest guys can’t make free throws. And why it won’t ever be fixed.

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