Wednesday Links

Here are a few links to some things you might have missed, or at least ones that caught my attention this past week:

1. 4 Things to Consider After the Police Shootings

Almost all of us have been considering one thing or another the last week. This article helped me step back and form a framework for thinking.

2. 7 Lies We Tell Our Children

This one cuts pretty deep. We need to be careful with mere platitudes, for they often create disillusionment.

3. Fear Not, the Universe Is Wildly Out of Your Control

We have a deep need for control. And yet our sense of control… and safety… is a myth. We should be glad it is.

4. Parenting a Difficult Child

I hope you’re encouraged by this, especially if you find yourself wringing your hands today as a parent.

5. Why Can’t We Christians Laugh Any More?

I agree. We, as Christians, should feel the most deeply of all. And perhaps laugh the most boisterously.


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