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If you lead a Sunday school class or small group, I want to introduce you to a tool our team here at LifeWay has been working on for the last year. We’ve been beta testing the site for over 6 months with church leaders across the country, and finally, today is the official launch of We believe this powerful tool is going to change the way churches study the Bible in their individual groups. is an online tool to get the Word of God to the people of God in the context of each individual group. Using this tool, any group leader anywhere can have access to a continually growing Bible study library of content and then build their own Bible study series according to their own needs. That means if a group wants to follow the same texts and topics their pastor is preaching from the pulpit or whether they want to put together their own Bible study plan based on a discipleship plan of their own design, they can do so in a fraction of the time it might take them to choose a curriculum or write the content themselves.

There are three key promises that make distinct:

1. Because God’s Word transforms, the content is rooted in Scripture.

Every study available at has been written by a theologically and educationally trained team. In short, we want this to be trustworthy content. When you find Bible studies at, you can know they are firmly rooted in the Word of God which never, ever changes. In addition, the library of Bible studies is constantly growing. If you find a text or topic we haven’t written a study for yet, you can request that it be written absolutely free and we will write and load it into the tool for you.

2. Because every church is unique, each study is customizable.

Once you build a Bible study series at, you can customize it as you see fit. That means that for the group leader, specific points of emphasis your pastor brought out in preaching or points of action that flow with the content can be seamlessly integrated into the content. The result are Bible studies that look, feel, and sound just like your church.

3. Because the task of discipleship is urgent, the tool is simple.

We’ve worked really hard to make sure that is easy to use. It’s just a few clicks, and you can have Bible study that looks, sounds, and feels just like your group. Because of the simplicity, the group leader can be freed up to spend more one on one time with their group members helping those people apply individually what God has spoken in His Word.

Don’t take my word for it though – I’d love for you to try it out. At, you can sign up for a free two-week preview to check it out if you’re interested. Regardless of whether you’re leading a Sunday school class, a small group, or responsible for a Bible study with co-workers, we can help you. Check it out today.


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