The Veronica Mars Case Study

First, the disclaimer: I’ve never seen the TV show Veronica Mars. But I’ve heard from those close to me that it’s really good. Apparently, lots of people think so.

The show about a teenage girl turned detective has quite a cult following. When it was abruptly cancelled a few years ago, fans were clamoring for a big screen version of the TV series, and for years it was rumored to be in production. That movie never happened, until last week. That’s when the director and his cast asked fans to donate two million dollars to revive the canceled television series Veronica Mars as a feature film. In less than 12 hours, they raised over $2 million for the movie in a Kickstarter campaign.

People are saying that this successful campaign is poised to change the way movies are made forever. It’s also led me to draw a couple of conclusions based on this case study:

1. We will pay for what we are passionate about.

Sometimes we wonder why Jesus talked so much about money, because the truth is, He did. Jesus talked about money more than He did heaven and hell combined. The only other subject He addressed more often than money was the kingdom of God. Eleven of His 39 recorded parables address money in some way, and in the Gospel of Luke, one of every seven verses is about the subject. Jesus cares about money.

It’s not because He’s poor or because He’s selfish. It’s because Jesus knows that money is the most sure window to the heart. If you wonder what you are passionate about, follow the money trail. Your checkbook will tell you what you love. Which leads to the second conclusion:

2. We are passionate about being entertained.

We don’t need Veronica Mars to tell us that. Consider the fact that cable television, internet service, video games, and a host of other things are listed in our internal categories of needs rather than wants. Or consider just how much money a sports team brings in. It’s estimated that the NFL’s 32 teams currently generate an annual total of $8.3 billion in revenue. The average NFL team is now worth $1.04 billion.

That’s BILLION with a “B.”

There’s always room in our pockets for what we love. And what we love is being entertained.

Kind of makes you think, doesn’t it?

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