Fridays Are For One Question

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day, just in case you didn’t know. Jana and I aren’t typically big Valentine-y people, but I know that some people definitely are. They’re all in with singing telegrams, hundreds of roses, heart shaped jacuzzis – that kind of stuff.

If you’re one of those kind of people, chances are you’ve had some big winners in the gift category – that year that lives in the mind of your husband or wife that can never be topped. But if you have had those big wins, I bet you’ve also had some big misses.

Why not share some of the wins and losses with the rest of us? That’s today’s question: “What’s the best or worst gift you’ve ever given or been given on Valentine’s Day?”

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  • Jeremy says:

    My wife seems to find great comfort in the poems I have written her on special occasions. Yesterday, I gave her a new one and she seemed very touched by it.

    I should make it more of a habit and do it randomly throughout the year…

  • Becky Dietz says:

    Mine fits both categories–best and worst. When we’d been married about 10 years, had 4 kids, and no money, Andy came home with roses. I was furious–how dare he spend money when we didn’t even have food to eat! Then he grinned, handed me the flowers and said he’d sung at a funeral that day and had been told he could take any of the flowers he wanted. We both busted out laughing!! It was the first of many funeral flower bouquets. We still laugh about it!!

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