A Prayer for Election Day

Sovereign Lord:

Today is a day when we are grateful to call you by that name. You are indeed sovereign; you set up kings and you depose them. In your wisdom, you decide who rules, for how long they rule, over whom they rule, and how far their power and authority goes. You are the God who holds the nations in the palm of Your great hand to do with as You will, and You are the God who directs the heart of the king in anyway you choose.

So great is Your power, Lord, that you exercise that power with or without the willing participation of these rulers. Your plans were written long before any presidential election and are not frustrated or hampered by the results thereof.

These things we know to be true, and we remind ourselves of them today. And yet even though we know these things to be true, they are not excuses for inactivity or impetus for laziness. We know that you have made us to be citizens of your kingdom who live as exiles in another. And while we are here, we are to seek the good of this land, including its governing authorities.

So I pray and ask you that to prick and awaken the consciences of Your children. Help us to vote in accordance with our consciences, but help us to hold the results of this election in light your sovereignty and care. As time rolls on today, we will watch our televisions and listen to our radios. We will see shades of red and blue over this country. Some of us will celebrate; others of us will be grieved. And this time tomorrow we will know what you have known for all time beforehand.

Help us, Father, as we see these results roll in to approach all the rest of life: with care but not worry; with hope but not euphoria; with resignation but not despair. Help us in this day, as with all days to define our reality not by an election but instead by the cross where You proved once and for all Your great love and commitment to Your own.

In the name of King Jesus I pray –


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