Fridays Are For One Question

Ah, weddings. And these seem awesome:

In light of this, I wondered for today’s “Fridays Are For One Question:”

“What’s your best wedding story?”

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  • Thanks Michael. Today’s question prompted me to hit “publish” for one I had in the wings,

    And you’re right, there are many more where that one came from.


  • Danny Franks says:

    Two words: trained doves.

    We had the brilliant idea that when we kissed at the end, two doves would be released from the back of the auditorium, fly over our guests’ heads, over the stage, through the baptistery, and to their waiting cages / treats backstage.

    We chose not to tell anyone, so at the rehearsal the bridesmaids freaked out and thought they were in an Alfred Hitchcock movie. The screaming freaked out the birds, who flew through lit candles and crash landed IN the baptistery.

    On our wedding day, the birds got spooked and only flew halfway across the auditorium before turning around and heading back to their trainer. So all of our wedding party were grinning like Joe Biden (ie, inappropriately creepy) while the congregation wondered what in the world was going on (no one else ever saw the winged idiots).

    Oh, and during the pictures, one of the birds left a wedding present on Merriem’s dress.

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