A Simple Word of Caution to the Church Critic

Imagine the scene with me.

You are having a conversation with a friend you know and love. It’s an enjoyable one, as all such conversations are with this person. You talk about the weather, the games over the weekend, and how things are at work. Then, almost casually, your friend turns the talk to a shocking subject:

“I really like you. But I don’t like your wife that much. She’s sort of ugly and frankly not that much fun to be around.”

Can you imagine? Can you imagine the arrogance it takes to make such a statement? Can you imagine the hubris? Can you imagine the audacity to be there in your presence and to give such an outright criticism about your spouse?

I wonder if maybe – just maybe – Jesus ever feels that way when we make flippant statements like, “I love Jesus, but I don’t care that much for the church.”

Absurd. That’s His wife. And we would do well to be careful when talking about a man’s wife.

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  • WF says:

    The thing is, the bride is *us*. I’ve seen church criticism done harshly or meanly or rudely, and we would do better to stay away from that. But it *must* be done when necessary. And looking at ourselves in the mirror, it’s clear that we need correction in some places and encouragement in others.

    IMO the biggest danger with the harsh criticism is that it discourages people. That’s why the Bible always reminds us to correct with gentleness and respect.

    Take care & God bless

  • MK says:

    Well said, WF. Good points. There is a huge difference between admonishment from love and blanket criticism. Thanks for the comment.

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