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A new Pixar movie came out last week. It’s called “Brave,” and it’s being billed as Pixar’s first fairy tale.

To be honest, if Pixar told me they were making a movie of lamp shade I’d want to see it because they make fantastic movies, almost without exception. I pretty much agree with this article, which ranked the Pixar movies from worst to best. Here is their list (with a few comments from me):

13. Cars 2 (admittedly a weak attempt)
12. Cars
11. Brave
10. A Bug’s Life (a tough guy ladybug? genius!)
9. Toy Story 2
8. Finding Nemo (wept)
7. Toy Story 3 (wept near uncontrollably)
6. Monsters Inc. (brilliant idea)
5. Up (wept in the first 10 minutes)
4. Wall-E (made me go on a diet)
3. Ratatouille (never saw the whole thing. had a kid start crying in the middle)
2. Toy Story (another brilliant idea)
1. The Incredibles (incredible)

Here’s today’s animation themed question:

“What is your favorite animated movie of all time?”

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  • Danny Franks says:

    “Bambi Meets Godzilla” has to get at least an honorable mention.

  • MK says:

    Heartless. And yet awesome.

  • Brian Musser says:

    For childhood/sentimental reasons I may have to go old school with The Fox and the Hound. (Friends are forever!)

    But excluding that my favorite animated movie is Horton Hears a Who (I love the existential questions it produces.)

    On the Pixar list I think I would go with UP (I so want to be that old guy, I so want to have Dug as a pet, and my daughter and I still chase squirrels.) with Wall-E close behind.

  • Steve says:

    There is a moment in The Incredible when Dash is running away from the goons on the island. He runs through the trees and the music stops. He looks down to see himself running on water. He laughs, the music kicks back in, and he takes of with a burst of speed.

    To me, that is a perfect storytelling moment and I can’t explain why, but that scene chokes me up. Silly, right?

    The question is hard. There are so many and I have the ability to watch a bad movie and still enjoy it (Dragonheart, for example). So, I cop out and have favorite animated scenes. Dash’s is definitely in the top 3.

  • Katie Jo says:

    From this list, Up, although I can’t even think about watching it again… Lion King- love the music and my girl loved it so it is sentimental – all the things my parents hated about it with spiritual overtones were exactly scenes that brought about many many many gospel conversations.

  • Trevin Wax says:

    My favorite Pixar movie to watch is Finding Nemo. From an artistic standpoint, however, Wall-E is the studio’s triumph.

  • Whit says:

    I vote for the stop-motion Wes Anderson masterpiece, “Fantastic Mr. Fox”. Loads of heart, style, and joy.

  • Janna says:

    From that list, its Up. Fantastic and magical. Growing up, it was Beauty and the Beast. The idea that love can be found despite appearances and ugly past behaviors always drew me in. The music is great too.

  • Ed says:

    The Brave Little Toaster of course!

  • Jim says:

    My favorite story? Peter Pan.
    My favorite animated flick? Monsters Inc.

    Your list also prompted me to construct my own Pixar list, which prompted me to make my first blog entry in months:

    I’m not sure whether to thank you, curse you, or apologize.

  • Brodie Smith says:

    Have to go with Tangled or Kung Fu Panda. Whichever still lets me keep my man card.

  • Wendy says:

    I love the old Charlotte’s Web with Debbie Reynolds as Charlotte’s voice, Paul Linde is Templeton & Henry Gibson is Wilbur!

  • Candace says:

    My FAVORITE is Despicable Me! It was genius, hilarious and heartwarming all wrapped up in one. 🙂 The Incredibles, Monsters, Inc., and Toy Story 1,2 & 3 all rank pretty high with me as well.

  • Lance says:

    From this list of Pixar movies, I would have to go with Up. I loved, and cried after, the sequence which explains Carl’s backstory. So much poignant storytelling and heartbreak!

  • Becky Dietz says:

    The original Cinderella. Magical!! But Finding Nemo is my favorite off the list. Love it!

  • Tara says:

    Land Before Time! One of my all time favorites.

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