Fridays Are For One Question

This is a great video. It’s great not only because it’s a clever prank, but because the pranksters end up getting roasted at the end. So watch this before proceeding to the question of the day:


Awesome right?

The question has to do with pranks in general, because we’ve all been there either as the prankster or the prankee: “What is the greatest prank you’ve ever been involved in, as either the instigator or the object?”

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  • Jared says:

    This might not be the greatest, but it was the strangest. When I was a senior in high school, I got a few people to help me turn all of the desks around to face the back of the classroom before the teacher arrived. She apparently wasn’t feeling very jovial that day and said that it was childish and we needed to turn them back around. I thought that would be all there was to it, but at that moment, another student flipped out as a reaction to the teacher, saying he was “tired of it all” and “she had no right,” etc. Then he threw his hands up in the air and stormed out of class. I felt terrible because I had started the whole thing. He didn’t come back to class that day, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Later on in the day, I sought him out to apologize. I found him and told him I was sorry and felt bad about what happened. I was surprised but somewhat relieved at his response: “Nah, that’s okay man. I didn’t study for our test, and I saw that as my opportunity to skip out of there.”

  • Jeanette says:

    Here is the prank I participated in: During Belmont Spring Break 1990-something, a friend went home with me to NY/NJ. Nothing very spectacular happened that we thought people would love hearing about, so we joked that we would tell everyone that we met Sting and some fictional details that might be funny. We didn’t really mean to go through with it, but one of us ended up telling a few people, half-jokingly, that we had met Sting. They started asking questions and we answered all about meeting Sting on the street, he gave us a ride in his limo, we lost our camera so we couldn’t take his picture, etc. I remember thinking nobody would actually take us seriously because it was such an outrageous story. Before we knew it, people were talking about it all across campus. It was such a ridiculous story that people wanted to believe it and we didn’t know how to explain that it was a prank. So the next school newspaper that went out was for the beginning of April and we published an ad that said, “To all those who heard about Thom and Jeanette’s trip to NY with Sting — APRIL FOOL’S !”

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