Fridays Are For One Question

This is a picture of the family Von Trapp then, when The Sound of Music was made, and now, some 45 years later. Pretty cool:


It also makes me wonder what reunions of other classic TV shows or movies might look like. So for today’s question, use your imagination:

“What reunion of a classic cast would you most like to see?”

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  • Erin says:

    Have you ever heard Christopher Plummer talk about being in the Sound of Music? He HATED it, hated every single second of it. It’s actually hilarious to watch the movie, then listen to him rant about his absolute loathing of it. There’s an Oprah interview out there somewhere, I think that’s it.

    Anyway, in answer to your question: I would love a Lonesome Dove cast reunion now and a Harry Potter reunion in about…30 years or so.

  • Zach Nielsen says:

    Hands down… Breakfast Club.

  • Doc B says:

    Gunsmoke is a great choice, but I think only Ken Curtis is still alive from the original cast.

    Bonanza is in the same boat. I don’t think any of them are left.

    Happy Days would be fun, as it would include characters from all six spin-offs.

    I think my top vote would go to Emergency. Dr. Brackett was cool.

  • MARK MILLER says:

    MK – I totally agree regarding photographic reunions for other program casts of yesteryear. But to delay even one day could reduce availability of those members still alive. THAT is the sad truth… just look between the date your comment was posted in February 2012 and today.

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