How “A Charlie Brown Christmas” Almost Didn’t Happen

My kids and I are thankful that it did:

What people don’t know is that the Christmas special almost didn’t happen, because some not-so-smart television executives almost didn’t let it air. You see, Charles Schulz had some ideas that challenged the way of thinking of those executives 46 years ago, and one of them had to do with the inclusion in his Christmas cartoon of a reading from the King James Bible’s version of the Gospel of Luke.

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  • Nanette says:

    I’m also glad that it aired and that it still airs today. Little known fact: I played the role of Linus one year in a church play that I adapted for our tiny youth group in NJ. I struggled to memorized the Luke passage (don’t ask me to recite it in S.S. this week!) and somehow pulled it off for the performance.

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