The Way You Listen Reveals the Way You Believe

Belief and action are two sides of the same coin. When James, in chapter 2, talks about how faith without works are dead, it should come as no surprise to us. Faith in anything, in any situation, in any moment, is followed by action. Or you could look at it another way – any action, at some level is motivated by faith.

What you eat, the way you exercise, the way you approach sex, or the way you read the Bible – all these actions are underpinned by belief. And I was struck this week that the way I listen during the sermon at church is also revelatory of what I believe.

Is this the Word of God?

Does faith come by hearing?

Is there something unique about the proclamation of the Bible?

If the answer is yes, then action will follow on my part. Perhaps we would do well, before the sermon, to consider what we believe to be true about what’s about to happen. Maybe there would be a few less gazes at the watch if we did.

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