Fridays Are For One Question

These few days are going to be pretty rough in terms of schedule for me. All good things, but good things in very different places.

I drove from Nashville to Atlanta yesterday morning at 7:30 for meetings until about 10 last night. This morning, there are more meetings until about 11 when I will drive from Atlanta to the Nashville airport. Then I’m catching a flight from Nashville to Redmond, Oregon, to speak at a collegiate retreat for some new, good friends.

In Oregon, I’m driving from the airport to a retreat center a couple of hours away to preach tonight. When you figure in the time change, I’ll be opening the Word at about midnight central time.

Long day. But you get that – especially those of you who frequently do international travel. So I’d love some helpful hints today in the answers for the Friday question:

“What is the greatest length you’ve ever gone to in order to stay awake?”

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  • Whit says:

    Back in the full-time music days, I drove a number of mostly all-nighters and found that the combination of a Red Bull and a bag of peanuts was the perfect late night lift. That and occasionally sticking your head out the window and yelling out your best William Wallace impersonation.

  • Rea trim says:

    I am thankful for your journey to the Northwest! I was challenged and enlighten by your words coupled with the word of God! Thanks for valuing our college students enough to make the trip. Next time come to Portland and see the green side of Oregon.

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