Fridays Are For One Question

The blogosphere has gone wild over the past day with obituaries for Steve Jobs. Some extolling his virtues as a creative genius, some regarding his religious beliefs, some noting that he was an adopted child who potentially could have been aborted.

Many have included quotes from Jobs at a commencement address he gave at Stanford which reflected primarily on death and how one lives in light of death. One quote struck me as particularly insightful:

“Death . . . is Life’s change agent.”

The quote means that when you really grab hold of the fact that death bats a thousand – it’s not an issue of if but an issue of when, it actually frees you to start living. In gospel terms, death is not to be feared, but it is to be acknowledged so that we might work for the glory of God and the extension of the kingdom while on earth.

So while on Fridays we sometimes ask about favorite breakfast cereals and the greatest cartoons, let’s take a more serious look today:

“How would living with the knowledge of death practically change the way you live?”

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1 Comment

  • Doc B says:

    Already does. I was diagnosed with a fatal metabolic disorder four years ago (Type I diabetes). I know I’ll die of complications years before I otherwise would have died of natural causes.

    It’s not scary, but it does constantly make me realize I don’t have forever to get ‘that’ done. It keeps me on my toes (which I can’t feel anymore, thanks to diabetic neuropathy).

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