Weekends Are For Kids

Today’s weekends are for kids isn’t about my kids. It’s rather about a kid Joshua and I saw on interstate 40 this morning. Let me set the stage:

Joshua and I were driving home from his swim meet which was approximately 30 miles away. The traffic on interstate 40 had slowed to a crawl coming back into Nashville. Construction had narrowed the lanes from 4 down to 1 and there was the customary jockeying for position going on.

We had made it down to the next to last lane as the cones were gradually pushing us all to the left. Then I noticed something odd.

There was a white pickup to our left – the far left lane – which, going 10 or so miles per hour that was slightly swerving. As we approached on their right side, I saw a woman in the driver’s seat.

Then I saw her son standing in her lap.

Then I saw the driver’s side door swing open slightly.

This woman proceeded to drive with her right hand and hook her left arm around her son’s waist while still driving.

The boy then urinated out the door onto the shoulder of the road.

Stay classy, middle Tennessee…

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