Fridays Are For One Question

This past week, I spent a few days in New Mexico speaking at Lifeway’s Collegiate Week. Great time. Great students. Powerful time of gospel-centered worship.

Also, there were enchiladas.

I had a couple of meals in Santa Fe which included huevos rancheros and green chili chicken enchiladas. Not bad. Not bad at all.

Here’s the thing – I’m originally from Texas, land of great salsa and peppers and enchiladas. But now I live in Tennessee. NOT the home of those things.

What about you? What food from your past do you wish you could eat today?

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  • Janna says:

    I am from Tennessee so I love all things country cooking. My Aunt Marybelle would make hominy that took 2 or 3 days to prepare. Not that junk you buy in a can. It was awesome and she only made it twice a year. Christmas and reunion. When she passed away, no one continued her tradition. I miss her and her hominy.

  • Crystal says:

    I am a Texan, and I do love the great salsa and peppers and enchiladas. I suppose I will need to avoid Tennessee.

    I miss my grandmother’s Thanksgiving cooking. A lot of my family would get together every Thanksgiving (many of whom I have not seen in years since Grandma died and the tradition with her) and we would have an awesome meal together. It was made better by the fact that Grandma would not let us eat all day until the meal was ready, so we were very very hungry when food was finally served.

    Ah, scrumptious!!!

  • Amy Wright says:

    We missed Tex-Mex so much while we were in Florida. But trust me on this one, your waist is begging you to stay in Tennessee.

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