Rest in Peace, Macho Man

This past week, we bore witness to the passing of a legend: The Macho Man Randy Savage. This guy, and his patented off-the-top-turn-buckle-flying-elbow was a staple during the golden days of wrestling.

Perhaps you are scoffing right now. If you are, then let me point you to a fantastic article that memorializes the Macho Man. Here’s an excerpt:

Almost on cue, Randy Savage arrived in the summer of 1985. Wrestlers usually showed up in the WWF as unfinished products: They would make their mistakes, screw up a gimmick or three, find what worked, and stick with it. Not Savage. From day one, he carried himself like Superstar Graham, worked the crowd like Roddy Piper and used the ring like Ricky Steamboat. He dressed in lavishly ridiculous outfits, custom-made cowboy hats and jackets bathed in pink and lime green.

And his interviews … my God. You needed a translator even if he was speaking in English. Those first few weeks, you watched him and said, “Eventually, I’m going to figure this guy out.” Nope.

Come on. You know you want to read the rest. But if you’re still looking for a reason to miss the Macho Man, I offer this to blow your mind:

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