How I Preached the Gospel to Myself This Morning

Father of Mercy and Grace:

It’s very comforting to know that You will not utter a shock of surprise today. There will be numerous times when I am blind-sided, taken aback, and dismayed, but You will never gasp. Nor have you ever done so. Every step I will take and every situation I encounter today will be according to Your divine will.

No doubt, there will be challenges. There will certainly be temptations. They may be seemingly small difficulties, like keeping my patience with the kids or serving my wife. They may be great. Perhaps today is the day when a phone call comes announcing death or disease. Maybe some natural disaster will strike. Perhaps today the stock market will fall.

I don’t know, but You do. You know.

And because You do, I know that in Christ you have already supplied me whatever grace I need today. Tomorrow is tomorrow, and when I wake up tomorrow, You will have given me what I need for that day. But for today, I choose to believe that You are sufficient.

I don’t need any more than You have given, but please help me to have the faith to grab hold of what You have supplied in order that I might be faithful, come cancer, tornado, or financial meltdown.

In Jesus’ name, may it be so. Amen.

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