Weekends Are For Kids

Jana and I serve on a prayer counselor team at our church. So periodically, when it’s our Sunday, we go to the front of the front of the auditorium to pray with anyone who would like to.

I was out of town last Sunday, so this post comes second hand from her. As the sermon drew to a close, Jana dutifully got up and went to the front. Leaving Joshua to sit by himself for a few minutes.

Now this is not uncommon. He’s done a really great job of adjusting to “big church” this year. So no worries right?

It’s a couple of minutes into the response time. Jana is waiting with Bible in hand. Here comes Joshua down the side aisle.

Approaching for prayer, no doubt.

Mommy: Hey, Joshua – do you need me to pray for you about something right now?

(Head shake)

Mommy: Well what do you need?

(The bend down and listen motion.)

Joshua (cue whispery voice): You didn’t give me any allowance. I don’t have any money to put in the… the thing.

Mommy: You can give it next week. Go back and sit down.

(Another bend down and listen motion.)

Joshua (still in whispery voice): I also colored a picture of Sonic the Hedgehog with blue shoes.

Mommy: Go sit down.

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