Radical Sacrifice in the Elephant Room

Last week there was an online event called “The Elephant Room” designed to bring evangelical voices together to discuss difficult issues. In one encounter, James MacDonald debated with David Platt concerning sacrifice and generosity; specifically, how we should view money and possessions.

TWax breaks down the issue well:

David Platt made the case that wealth and money, though not inherently sinful, are dangerous in the hands of sinful people. Our current context of self-indulgence needs to be challenged. Spiritual transformation leads to material transformation. The gospel gives us generous hearts that overflow into radical sacrifice for God’s eternal purposes. When God blesses us financially, He intends us to give to others.

James MacDonald warned that a distorted version of Platt’s teaching equates “poverty” and “spirituality.” Instead, MacDonald believes we need a full-orbed theology of joy in God that includes joy in the good gifts God has given us. Emphasizing radical sacrifice can lead to poverty theology that is all about the immediate divesting of money rather than the multiplication of money that will lead to greater involvement in mission.

Read the rest here.

What do you think?

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