The Unique Origins of Christianity

(HT: Parchment and Pen)

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  • Jay Wright says:

    I love the cartoons! Following your line of thought, the public worship and nature of the church is brought to bear on us in a very private and preferential culture. And, the continued public preaching of Christ and him crucified.

  • MK says:

    Right on. This was never meant to be a private affair.

  • Nathan Parker says:

    The effects of a culture that is continually moving towards privacy and autonomy have already left their marks on today’s church. The oft-used language of “Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior” is a prime example. Thanks for sharing, MK!

  • Love the cartoons & the PUBLIC SHARED theme… I agree. I also know that the PERSONAL realtionship “misinterpretted” often as “private” experiences is a stumbling block for many in trying to COPY what they see/hear instead of making their own experiences the authentication needed for THEIR LIGHT to be seen for the reality of what God is leading them through in their lives. We need to edify one another in the body of Christ, but don’t become so “inbred” in how/why/what we believe that we do not heed the scripture to “seek out our own salvation w/ fear & trembling”.

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