Fridays Are For One Question

Joshua (our 6-year-old) is responsible for this week’s question. We’ve spent devotion time this week talking about the story of Abraham and Isaac, and we noticed that at the time of God’s command to sacrifice him, Isaac was not a child any longer. Abraham was a really old man. So Isaac, if he wanted to, could have just run away at any time. But he didn’t.

He’s like Jesus in this way – when Jesus’ Father took Him to the hill, He could have turned back, but He didn’t. He was obedient even to death on the cross.

One of the points that came from that was saying that Jesus was no sissy. He was brave; the bravest and most courageous man ever to live, in fact.

So in light of that, here’s Joshua’s question for fodder today:

“If Jesus was the bravest, who do you think was the second bravest?”

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