Fridays Are For One Question

Joshua got a fish last week from school.

So we bought a bowl, some fish food, and a little ceramic penguin to keep the fish company.

The name, however, has been somewhat of an issue. We are now on name number 3.

When he came home, the fish’s name was “Tails.” Pretty cool. It was an homage to Sonic the Hedgehog. But a few hours later, he was calling the fish “Silver.” I can get behind that, too – Lone Ranger and all.

But then the name changed to “Fishy.” Perhaps Tails and Silver were too complicated. I get that. Sometimes I call Joshua “little boy,” so maybe he’s taking his cues from me.

The issue of pet names inspired today’s question:

“What’s the greatest pet name you’ve ever heard?”

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  • jen clapp says:

    This is from the Twitters, so I can’t take any credit for a firsthand hearing. I feel that, in context, this is the greatest dog name ever:

    RT @addisonroad by jenclapp
    A dog is barking underneath the plane, so guy across from me stomps on the floor yelling “It’s ok Dishes. Dishes!” #wishitwasn’ttrue

  • MK says:

    Twitter is completely acceptable. And Dishes is a pretty amazing name.

  • Jana says:

    “Sandy. Sandy’s he’s name, if you please. If you don’t believe me, ask any one of his fleas.”

    If Annie brought him to my front door, I might actually let him in.

  • Becky Dietz says:

    The first dog I ever had was named Lucky. He survived being run over by 2 cars. Pretty lucky!

  • Mark Smith says:

    Crosby – one of our old family dogs. He came with the name and we all loved it.

  • Whit Stiles says:

    I once had a pet boa constrictor named Alawicious McGuillacuty.

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