Fridays Are For One Question

Let me begin by making a statement of fact:

On Wednesday, Nashville, TN, went crazy.

Nuts. Loco. Insane. Bonkers. Coo-coo. B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

Because of the snow. People were trapped in cars for hours. Vehicles were abandoned, and the city virtually shut down. I got off easy when my 10 mile commute only took 3 hours.

So imagine this scenario in leading to today’s question: You are stuck in your car. Snow is coming down. Traffic is creeping along, or not moving at all. And now, the question:

“What would you do to pass the time in such a situation?”

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  • Jeremy says:

    My old car didn’t have a radio.
    I would sing the entire 5.5 hour drive home.
    I would challenge myself to sing through entire CDs.
    I would not allow myself to repeat a song.
    It definitely helped pass the time and distract my mind.
    Downside – Always showed up at home a bit hoarse.

  • Megs says:

    i had the little guy in the car. We sang Avett Brother’s “Kick Drum Heart” over and over and over while banging our hands on the car along to the drum beat. It was actually really fun.

    He especially likes the line “It’s me following YOU!”

  • drewe says:

    I keep many many hours of teaching, preaching and other I want to listen to on my iphone – so I just use it 😀

    I often get ‘called out’ at work and have to blow 2 hours in a car, or 4 sometimes, so it’s good to have! Just take the time as a blessing from God to allow me to listen to more, and roll with it.

  • Eric says:

    I’d call an old friend. What did you do?

  • Pete says:

    Bro, what is snow? I’m not familiar with that word.

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