Weekends Are For Kids

Kids are smart. And funny. Case in point was this week when we were discussing the story of Noah and the Ark at breakfast. Here’s the conversation:

Me: What do you think people thought about Noah as he was building the boat?

Andi: That man is silly.

Joshua: Or crazy.

Me nodding vigorously. Yes, children, yes.

Me: I think so, too. God was going to destroy all life on earth.

Andi (interrupting here): Except Noah!

Me: That’s right, sweetie. Not Noah and his family. And not two of all kinds of animals.

Now the conversation devolves into a discussion of what animals should have been saved, and which ones we could just as well do without. Redirect, Kelley. Redirect. Don’t lose control of the room.

Me: So what was the difference between Noah and the other people of his day?

Andi: Spiders. I wish all the spiders died.

Me: Focus, guys. What was wrong with all the people in the world except for Noah?

Pensive silence here. Joshua smiles his ‘Get ready cause I’m about to own this room’ smile.

Joshua: Everyone was wrongchous.

Pronunciation guide: wrong-chus

Me: Excuse me?

Joshua: Wrongchous. You know, cause Noah was righteous. Everyone else was wrongchous.

Here endeth the lesson.

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