Don’t Be a Cultural Mule

This was an incredibly powerful statement that has stuck with me for the several days since I heard Louie Giglio say it to 22,000 college students at Passion 2011.

Set in context, his exhortation was simple: Carry the name of Jesus wherever you go. And it really doesn’t matter where. Go to Mumbai, or go to work at Saks Fifth Avenue. Doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter where you go; it matters what you carry.

He went onto say that we should be accustomed, by this time, at carrying names. In fact, people from designers to sports stars to Hollywood personalities are all depending on us to carry their names. If we choose not to carry the name of Reebok or Kim Kardasian or Kobe or Jay-Z then they go broke. We carry their names on our iPods, our clothes, and our minds.

But we must be something more than mules for the culture – people who weigh ourselves down with the names of the latest and the greatest. We must instead choose to carry the name of Jesus.

I’m trying to unburden myself of cultural baggage and start carrying what really matters. I don’t want to be a cultural mule.

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  • andy p. says:

    good word. i like it. thanks for sharing.

  • Shawn Graham says:

    Great word. So comforting to realize that you can carry God just as effectively in Saks and in Mumbai. It took me so long get this revelations during and after college when missions seemed like the pinnacle of Christianity and living in America seemed like selling out, even if it was what God told me to do. Thanks for sharing, I know many people at Passion were challenged by this revelation too.

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