Fridays Are For One Question

This is my favorite week of the year – Christmas week. I love everything about it, and yet I recognize the difficulty to keep Jesus as the center of such a commercialized holiday, especially with young children.

We’ve certainly been guilty in the past of sort of throwing Jesus in there at the last minute and expecting our family to somehow understand that a baby in a manger is the real reason for the season.

Our holidays have been blessed in the last couple of years through incorporating something called “The Advent Jess Tree” where we trace God’s finger in redemptive history through scriptural accounts each morning leading up to the birth of Christ. It also helps that each morning the kids get to turn over a box in a calendar that contains M&M’s. But whatever.

So I’m curious today:

“What are you doing to make this season holy for you and your family?”

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  • Nanette says:

    We have done the Advent Jesse Tree for several years and it is still something that helps keep Christ in our Christmas. I’d also encourage your readers to check out the Christmas devotions we’ll post on our church website this week ( Rich stuff!

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