Weekends Are For Kids

Wow. It’s been a while since I did a weekends are for kids post. For this, I apologize.

Several weeks ago, the family loaded up in the family truckster to go to Dollywood, which my brother accurately described as “several square miles where a Cracker Barrel exploded.”

True. But also awesome.

How awesome, you ask? The afternoon we came home, the kids were exhausted. And filthy. So we put them in the bath one by one.

A few minutes later, I went in to check on Joshua and found him quietly weeping in the bathtub:

Me: What’s wrong, buddy?

Joshua: I’m just so sad we’re not at Dollywood any more.

Me: But it’s good to be home too, right?

(sniff, sniff)

Joshua: No. Not at all.

(more weeping)

Me: Okay. You can stay in here until the water gets cold.

Joshua: Okay. I just need some alone time.

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