The Costume Kingdom

Paul Tripp writes:

Suppose I have committed myself to a healthy diet; I am at least externally keeping its rules. At the same time, however, I am snacking on copious amounts of mini chocolate chip cookies. Two things will surely result from this pattern. First, the mini cookies in the the box in the cupboard will begin to mysteriously disappear. Second, I will gain weight rather than lose it. Now, it is quite obvious that neither result is the fruit of a healthy diet, which points to the fact that what has masqueraded as a diet is not a diet at all, but an even more deceptive form of overeating.

The masquerading skill of the kingdom of self is yet one more reason why each of us needs more than the restraint of the law. No, we need the daily rescue of the transforming grace of Jesus Christ.

Read the rest here. Please.

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