Fridays Are For One Question

This week, my wife and I watched The Karate Kid. The new one. Not the old one. And it was good.

Pretty good.

Thing is, though, I couldn’t escape my memories of the original. When Mr. Miagi caught the fly with the chopsticks. When he took down the Cobra Kai dressed in skeleton costumes. And of course, “Sweep the leg.” Oh Johnny…

It took me back to the movies from the 80’s, and that’s what I’d like to hear from you:

“What is your favorite 80’s movie?”

I’ll go first today. For me, it’s The Goonies. I bet I watched that movie 400 times. I can quote it for you. So how about you?

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  • Zach says:

    Without question… The Breakfast Club.

  • dip rippy says:

    Since I just got finished watching the whole series (1-6) again, Return of the Jedi. With Indiana Jones, the Last Crusade coming in a close second.

  • Brandon says:

    Great choice, MK. That’s definitely my fave from my childhood, but the one that sticks with me even more is Raising Arizona. Any film with a line like, “Son, you got a panty on yo head.” is cool with me.

  • MK says:

    My confession for the day: I’ve never seen Raising Arizona. Despite the fact that it’s often quoted at parties. I hide my head in shame.

  • Brandon says:

    Leave your office right now, visit the nearest video store, pull the shades, grab a snack, and watch that puppy!!

  • dip rippy says:

    Hey MK. I have Raising Arizona on my Netflix instant queue (what an odd spelling of a word…) if you-ins want to come over sometime.

  • Rob T says:

    “Mikey … oh Mikey … Come here. Make me feel like a woman. Give me a nice, wet, slippery kiss.”

    Goonies and Raising Arizona are so close for completely different reasons. See also “Say Anything” …

  • Pete says:

    Mikey – what a coincidence, I just watched The Karate Kid too. I would say it’s a tie between the original Karate Kid and The Flight of the Navigator. I would probably not be too impressed by it now, but as a kid it was awesome!

  • Tara says:

    Sixteen Candles or The Goonies.
    Too hard to pick one!

  • Renee Teate says:

    Steel Magnolias – enough said

  • Shawn Graham says:

    The Princess Bride – I’m like Michael, I could quote the whole movie. Can’t Buy Me Love (well that’s my husband, Bradley’s fav). Never Ending Story.

    Pete – shout out for Flight of the Navigator, we just tried to rent that for our kids to watch – couldn’t find it yet.

  • Jared says:

    I liked the karate kid, the goonies, and flight of the navigator a lot, but I would have to add Teen Wolf . . . and maybe Short Circuit. Ooh, and War Games.

  • Jen Clapp says:

    E.T. Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Overboard. Teen Wolf.

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