What is the Bible Really About?

Let the truth sink in. Understanding this will change everything you think you already believe. It did for me.

(HT: Z)

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  • Jana says:

    No doubt about it, I love Tim Keller and I love those words. But, as I listened, I couldn’t help but think of Dr. Smith preaching the same message.

  • MK says:

    True – Nobody says it like the Doc.

  • Tracy Irvin says:

    Hi Michael,
    I appreciate your posting this video. I notice that you are an editor for LifeWay. May I pose this question to you, or to Dr. Rainer, or whoever? If the Bible is not about us, then why is that the exact approach all (or most that I have seen) of our Southern Baptist literature take? I have been teaching through 1 and 2 Samuel this quarter from the quarterly, and the material is the antithesis of the video paradigm. It is all about what we can/should do, and not about what God has done for us through Jesus. What gives?
    Thanks for your consideration.


  • MK says:

    Tracy – This is a legitimate and thoughtful question. The short answer is that I don’t know. I think you’re correct in your assessment, that in the past at times Lifeway and most other publishers I think have produced many resources that might tend to lead people to think that they are the center of Scripture. I believe this was done with the best of intentions, wanting people to see that Scripture truly can and does change their day-to-day lives. Be that as it may, Jesus is not a means to the end of life change. He is both the means and the ends.

    So I am hopeful of the future as more and more of us wake up to the reality of His centrality in all things.

    Thanks for reading.

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