Holy Vocabulary News and Notes

It’s been about a month since my Bible study Holy Vocabulary released. I’m grateful for those who have agreed to review the material on their blogs. Here’s a couple of links so far to the reviews, with more coming in the next few days:

From Aaron Shaver:

“I think somebody once said, “If you say a word too much, it eventually loses its meaning.”

If nobody has ever said that than I just did and you can quote me. But we all understand what that quote means. The significance of the word “love” is lost if you frequently apply it to how you feel about favorite foods or designer clothing.

Michael Kelley believes much of the language describing the Christian faith has lost its meaning. And, he’s fighting to rescue it…”

From Ben Reed and Ron Edmondson:

“I grew up going to church every week.  The doctrines of the faith and the accompanying slew of “insider” language were engrained in me through Sunday School, Bible drill, vacation Bible school, youth camps, Royal Ambassadors (which, for the record, I never really enjoyed), small groups, large groups, and the various plethora of cassette tapes that hung in the hallway on the way into the sanctuary.  After college, I went to seminary…which was good, but which filled me with an even deeper level of “insider” language.  And I found that when I preached, I used this “holy vocabulary” so much that I would quickly alienate those I was seeking to minister to…”

Order your copy of the book and leader materials here in time for a fall study. Also, if you’re a college leader or student, there’s a free collegiate version of the leader guide downloadable here.

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