Fridays Are For One Question

It seems like God is very concerned with how we wait. We are urged to wait, told we are going to wait, taught how to wait – in a sense, we’re always waiting for something, if only heaven. Much of life is about waiting, and the Bible talks alot about it. So today’s question is simple, if not a little ambiguous:

“What are you waiting for?”

**The goal of “One Question Friday” is simple: To show that everyone has something funny, engaging, creative, and worthwhile to say. So comment away! Be real. Be creative. Think hard. And check back to see how others answered the question.

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  • Aaron Shaver says:

    Oh, good grief! You had to ask this question today?!?
    Just read my last, like, 6 blogs and you’ll see my wife and I have been doing some serious waiting.

    Mostly, the Lord has us waiting on job stuff –more specifically, my job. I left the church were I did youth ministry for the past 4 years because I felt the Lord say, “GO”.
    Now, we are waiting. Actively waiting for sure. And, carefully waiting too. My wife and I want to be obedient to what He wants and not desperately jump at the first opportunity that lands infront of me.

    So, yeah, I’m waiting.

  • Steve says:

    A phone call from China.

  • Daryl says:

    Baby #2, our first son, Levi. In October.

  • Steve says:

    Still waiting for our baby… as mentioned in previous comments. His due date was June 30th, but he’s keeping us all waiting. Now with the daily and endless “you haven’t had that baby yet!?” my wife and I are ready to isolate ourselves until he does decide to show up.

    So yea, we’re reeeeally waiting. The any-given-unknown-moment aspect makes it all the more hard to bear.

  • Dip rippy says:

    In contrast to the previous comments, I am slightly medicated sitting in vandy surgical center waiting to get the family jewels a little snip snip. Frozen peas are the bees news

  • Jana says:

    I’m waiting for our first night back in our house as a family. It’s gonna be great.

  • MK says:

    Wow. That is a great contrast to the expectant dads above. Wait well, my friend…

  • Waiting on our second precious gift from God, due in February!

  • Becky Dietz says:

    Waiting to tell my big news.

  • MK says:

    And? Becky?

  • Heather says:

    The job situation is finally looking up, so I would probably say that I am waiting for a husband. I know I could meet “The One” at any time, and I’m certainly enjoying life as a single until then. On the other hand, it’s wedding season again…

  • Jenny says:

    found you from Stuff Christians Like….

    Of all the Friday questions, I have to land on this one.


    I am waiting on God.

    that sounds sufficiently holy, ey? Or holey perhaps… hmmmm

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