Happy Blogoversary, Forward Progress

It was 2 years ago that I posted the first entry on this blog. So today, here are linkes to the 10 most widely read pieces from the blog over the past year. Would you stroll down memory lane with me?

10. Responding in Faith to Mistakes Trying to look at the inevitable mistakes we all make through the lens of faith.

9. Praying for Boldness, Not Deliverance A reflection on the prayer life of the persecuted church from Acts 4.

8. Nightline Interviews Benny Hinn Fascinating one-on-one with the famous (or infamous) televangelist.

7. Christianity Isn’t a Crutch It’s really not, but not because the phrase is insulting. Because it’s not insulting enough.

6. When Animals Attack: The Kelleys Vs. the Squirrel How my son and I fought off a ferocious invader to our home armed with a light saber and a trash can.

5. A Prayer for the Last Day of Chemotherapy The text of my prayer the day my 5-year-old son took his last dose (after 3 years) of chemotherapy.

4. How to Recover a Sense of Discipline How I’m trying to regain discipline after the birth of our third child.

3. That’s NOT in the Bible Many common phrases attributed to the biblical record just ain’t there.

2. 3 Reasons Why Discipline is Harder Than Punishment An encouragement to parents to take the long road of discipline rather than punishment.

1. Why I’m Participating in Lent Yep, I think Lent is a worthy practice. Apparently not everyone agrees.

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  • Steve says:

    Yay! I’ll play a little song on my kazoo… if I had a kazoo.

    Congrats & thank you Michael! Forward Progress is an encouraging place on the interwebz.

  • MK says:

    Thanks Steve. Can’t go wrong with a kazoo song.

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