Holy Vocabulary Video Shoot

Today I’ll be shooting the teaching videos for my upcoming Bible study release called Holy Vocabulary: Rescuing the Language of Faith.

The study examines 35 key words of faith that have been used and abused by the Christian sub-culture, and is an effort to reclaim these key words to understanding the faith.

It’s divided into 7 sections, each containing 5 of these terms: God, Humanity, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Church, End Times, and Scripture. In addition to the study book, there is a leader kit which will include:

– A leader’s small group discussion guide

– 3 Teaching videos from me

– 2 concept videos to spur discussion

– Sermon outlines for any church who wants their entire congregation to go through the study

Think about Holy Vocabulary as you consider what you will be studying in the fall. If you’re a church leader, love for you to think about your entire congregation or a few small groups walking through the study. By God’s grace, it will be a great tool to firmly establish people in an understanding of their faith, and help us “church-kids” rediscover the meaning behind the language we throw around so casually.

Just to whet the appetite, here are the first few lines from the teaching videos:

The Holy Spirit:

Pronouns are useful devices. Think about how dumb we would sound if we had to use a proper name every time we talk about a noun…

The Church:

The church is in the midst of a movement to change how people perceive it. Church has become synonymous with the buildings people gather in on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights…


There are no heroes in the Bible. Have you ever noticed that?

**Holy Vocabulary drops on July 1. More information to follow…

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