Fridays Are For One Question

Yesterday was April 15th, or Tax Day (insert forboding music here). Yes, it’s that day of the year when we grumble. Roll our eyes. Stand in line at the post office. So let’s do today’s question about this unofficial holiday in the United States.

Imagine with me that the IRS sent out a notice saying that they wanted to get a good guage on what the American people think about the tax system. You should submit your opinions in the form of a letter, and there would be no repurcussions for any views expressed in those letters. If that were the case…

“What would the first line of your letter to the IRS be?”

**The goal of “One Question Friday” is simple: To show that everyone has something funny, engaging, creative, and worthwhile to say. So comment away! Be real. Be creative. Think hard. And check back to see how others answered the question.

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  • Katie K. says:

    I want my money back.

  • Tim says:

    In the interest of common sense, decency, and fairness, I hope to one day see you abolished.

  • dip rippy says:

    Since we all know a progressive tax system is inherently unjust and seeks to separate Americans into a type of “class” system for the purpose of political control, it is your moral obligation to turn the full force of your auditing and punitive powers upon our executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government and leave us alone.

  • John Endriss says:

    Thank you for the large amount of money I received, you make it good to be poor 🙂

  • lawrence says:

    Despite popular opinion, here is my balance owed to the best nation on earth.

  • daysindc says:

    Thank you for asking.

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