Weekends Are For Kids

At Joshua’s pre-K class for the last few weeks, they’ve been doing a series about safety. After he’s come home, we’ve learned collectively about the dangers of smoke inhilation and the proper way to stop, drop, and roll from the day the fireman visited. This week, there was a police officer who came to share with them.

And he had a gun. At least that’s what Joshua said.

But I have gathered that the presentation wasn’t so much about the gun as it was about safety. In particular, the boy in blue talked about calling 9-1-1. In quizzing Joshua, I asked him when was the right time to call 9-1-1. After some debate, we settled on the fact that you called the number during times of emergency. So what are those emergencies? Here was Joshua’s list:

1. If a cat is stuck up a tree.

2. If there is a fire.

3. If there are bad guys around.

4. If you are in trouble.

5. If somebody gets killed.

Not a bad list to start with.

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