Weekends Are For Kids

Ever watched Man Vs. Wild? If you’re not familiar with the concept, this guy (whose name is Bear. no, really.) is dropped into these ridiculous environments where he has to survive. He eats raw fish and bugs, makes fires from nothing, and occasionally drinks his own urine.

I tried to watch an episode with Andi the other night because the ice princesses (aka, figure skaters) weren’t on. Bear found himself in the Louisiana swamps, neck deep in alligators. You can sort of follow the plot line of the show through her inquiries. Here’s a list of Andi’s questions as we watched the show:

Where’s his home?

Why’s he eating that fish?

Where’s his plate?

What’s him doing with that bug?

Is that a snake?

Why he so dirty?

Where’s his kids?

Where his mommy?

Where his mommy?

Why that fish biting him?

Why that alligator mad?

Where that alligator’s mommy?

Why he on that helicopter?

Where he going?

And that’s Man vs. Wild.

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  • Aaron Shaver says:


    Have you seen the episode where he sleeps inside a camel carcuss?!?!

  • Michael K. says:

    Seen it; didn’t show that one to the little girl.

  • Jen Clapp says:

    When she asks about his mommy, does she mean mommy or wife? My nephew meant spouse, and used to come up to me and ask “Whey you Daddy at?” adding to the scores of people I am related to that continually ask me when I’m going to get married.

  • Michael K. says:

    Pretty sure it’s actually mommy on this account. Though I’ve never thought to try and diagnose the difference with her.

  • I saw approximately 2.5 minutes of that show once, and I think I’d like to know the answers to some of Andi’s questions myself. :o)

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