Weekends Are For Kids

Apparently kids can (and do) remember pretty much everything – even the stuff you might not want them to. I offer as proof of this hypothesis two separate conversations I had with my kids after the Superbowl and the advertising bonanza that it is.


ME: Andi, please stop hitting me in the face.

ANDI: (Giggling, then continued smacking)

ME: Andi, I’ll ask you once more. Stop hitting me in the face, please.

ANDI: (More giggling. Then another smack)

ME: I’m not kidding, little girl. I’m not playing. I’m about to get mad.

ANDI: Daddy, don’t get mad – get glad!


ME: Joshua, how do you spell yellow?

JOSHUA: y-e-l-l-o-w

ME: That’s great, buddy. How do you spell purple?

JOSHUA: p-u-r-p-l-e

ME: Awesome. You’re really smart.

JOSHUA: Not just smart, K-Mart smart.


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