Consuming Ourselves to Death

According to a recent study done by the World Health Organization, more people now die worldwide from being overweight and obese than from being underweight. This is tough to believe especially in light of the devastating images we continue to see from Haiti, and yet it’s true – in parts of the world people continue to starve to death, and yet meanwhile we have the opposite issue.

Many of us are literally consuming ourselves to death. Consumption, maybe more than anything else, is the predominant mark of our culture. We consume everything – food, entertainment, even relationships. Rarely to we give, and even more rarely do we sacrifice.

Moderation is a thing of the past; perhaps we are entering into a day when the great sin facing the Christian is gluttony. We gorge ourselves on Twitter, pornography, and burritos. We consume indiscriminately; everything put in front of us is there for the taking.

It’s time to push away from the table.

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  • Steve says:

    This is sadly so true. It is enough of a struggle to live in a culture so saturated with consumption and not stumble into it ourselves as Christians, but now that my wife and I have a little one on the way (just found out today it’s a boy!) I just wonder how difficult it will be to teach him the values of God and living contently while seeing so many other kids and people around him doing the things of the world.

    In a related thought, I was surprised to see no replies to your “Fridays are for one question” post, as those seem to usually get the most comments. Perhaps because a lot of people’s first line in a ‘state of the church’ address would not be very positive. My first thought of what mine would be was “WAKE UP!” It is a sad fact that the consumerist nature of our society is saturating into a lot of churches today. Perhaps we are seeing what Paul talked about in 2Thessalonians 2, 1Timothy 4, and 2Timothy 4… which makes me hope that our Lord will call us home all the more soon. I just pray that we do not find ourselves asleep when he returns.

    There are even more concerns and thoughts on my heart, but I’ve probably typed too much already! I just believe what you blogged about today should be a large concern for all believers right now because of the current attitude of our country’s culture. Thanks for your wonderful blog Michael. Although I may not comment all the time, I always enjoy your posts.
    God bless!

  • Michael K. says:

    I think you’re right on, Steve. And don’t worry about how much you’re writing. Chances are you’ve got better stuff to say than me anyway.

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